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Overcoming Death and Difficulty - Psychological Tools to Facilitate Estate Planning 2019-06-03

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In December 2010, CBS News reported “Every medical study ever conducted has concluded that 100 percent of all Americans will eventually die.” While this was a facetious statement, the news segment went on to reveal that due to advancements in medical care and life-supporting technology, it has become more difficult to die. Perhaps these advancing technologies have imbued us with an overconfidence and denial of our own mortality, because the majority of Americans are doing very little to prepare for their own demise—at least in regard to their legal and financial preparations....

By R. Jordan Gardner, William S. Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, J.D. candidate, January 2013. This paper has been written as part of the course Lawyering & Psychology taught by Professor Jean Sternlight.
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